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Silent Disco Equipment Rental

Silent Disco is quickly becoming a staple in the entertainment industry. With its ability to cater to a diverse crowd and still keep everyone dancing together it is a great addition to any event. We offer Silent Disco headphone rentals to events of all sizes. With our high quality headphones you can turn any event, large or small, into a hit! Contact us to reserve your equipment and take your event to the next level.

Event Production

Silent Nights Entertainment produces over 100 events every year in addition to the various private events we do. We can help you create a top notch event that your guests won’t soon forget. Our skilled and knowledgeable team does this day in and day out and can help you with all aspects of an event. We work with entertainment professionals of all backgrounds so your event can have what it needs. Reach out to us today and let us help you create your vision!

Talent Booking

Through years of working in the entertainment industry we have formed relationships with various artists of all disciplines. Ranging from DJs to painters and live performance artists we can help you find the talent you need. 


Corporate Events

Our Silent Disco headphones can be a great addition to your corporate event. Do you have a keynote speaker who is addressing a diverse audience? With our headphones you can have the speech translated live and your audience can pick the language that is right for them. Our headphones can also work perfectly for adding breakout rooms without the worry of space availability or sound bleed.


Looking to add something fun and engaging to your big day? Silent Disco is a great way to add more entertainment to your wedding. With our 3-channel silent disco headphones you can have multiple kinds of music playing to keep all your guests dancing all night. You can have 1-channel be curated by the bride and another by the groom. This can also be a great option for venues that have a live sound cut off time or do not have the space to incorporate multiple bands or DJs. Contact us today and learn how you can help make your big day unforgettable!

Custom Branded Events

Silent Nights can help you make your event pop with custom branding. We can take your brand logo or image and put it on the headphones. Every guest will see your logo glowing throughout the entire event and know exactly who to give the credit to for such an amazing experience.



Silent Movie Screenings

Provide your guests with a unique movie viewing experience using our silent disco system. With our high quality headphones you will hear every detail perfectly and feel like you are a part of the movie. With our system you are able to have the movie play in multiple languages for a diverse audience.


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